Teen Center

Through a partnership with the community, a teen center should provide a safe and comfortable environment that offers mutual respect and responsibility for our youth.  A teen center is a great place for both busy parents and busy youth.  Centers are usually open daily after school, during school vacations and in the summer, making it convenient for both young students and busy hard working parents.  A teen center provides adult supervision, usually provides a snack and offers daily activities and programs in arts and crafts, music, sports and games.  It is a great place for youth to spend time and be productive between school and sports practice and games and provides working parents a safe place for their children to be supervised while they are finishing their work day.

Some teen centers even include a variety of educational workshops, dances and live events, recreational classes, excursions and field trips, camps and a lot of other great special events.  The main goal and mission of these centers are to enrich the lives of teens and offer them safety and support, organized activities and quality social leisure and educational services.   

The ideal teen center is also involved with counseling and crisis prevention.  Adult staff is present at all times to help reinforce values that students have received at school.  This is accomplished through meaningful activities, mentoring relationships and support systems that encourage growth and promote positive development and healthy decisions.  Ultimately, an ideal teen center is dedicated to impacting the lives of teens by providing a safe, fun and positive atmosphere where they can thrive, prosper and flourish into young adults.

The youth of today are challenged with many obstacles and barriers and peer pressure by all means still exists and is prevalent and rampant.  Drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, gangs, broken homes and marriages, and teen pregnancy are just some of a few of the long list of things that teens face and are challenged by today.  It is important there are programs, groups and activities like a teen center available to youth today where they can go and feel safe, positive and productive and participate and interact with other like-minded teens.   

Teen centers help youth stay focused and on a moral and righteous path and provide a structured and positive environment to thrive in.  The leaders and communities that dedicate themselves to providing this service for our youth need to be commended and given a huge pat on the back.  They are an extremely positive influence on youth and participate in mentoring this nation’s future.  These teen centers serve this nation’s greater good and work diligently hard to make our society a better place for all.  Please be a positive influence on society and donate to your local teen center.  Your contribution would be greatly appreciated and benefit the betterment of society as a whole.