Withdrawal From Drugs – Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Withdrawal

In our country, and the world in general, substance abuse is one of the major issues facing our communities. One of the biggest problems, due in part perhaps to its social acceptability, is alcohol abuse. Chances are you don’t have to look at any of the statistics to know how bad the negative effects of alcohol are. You probably know of or have known someone who has suffered from drinking too much and have seen them cause great damage and suffer alcohol withdrawal if they try to quit. The people who are affected the most by alcohol abuse are not the alcoholics, but the people who care about them. The alcoholic doesn’t remember being so drunk or all of the antics they pull. They cannot see themselves or the pain they are causing their loved ones. Unfortunately all of these things are painfully obvious to the family members and friends of the addict. Children who need the care, attention and love of their parents suffer the worst. It can get to the point where the child is taking care of the adult. They may have to clean up vomit, broken glass, get beers from the fridge, or even try to get their parent to go to sleep. The results are disastrous and can cause irreparable damage to the mentality of the child.

Home life is not the only thing affected negatively by the alcoholic lifestyle. The withdrawal, or hangover, from drinking heavily can be so bad and debilitating that the alcoholic may resort to drinking at work throughout the day. This obviously opens the door for infinite disasters to take place, and many people’s safety depends on how other people do their jobs. Think of a bus driver, a pilot, a construction worker operating a large crane in a crowded downtown area, a security guard carrying a gun, a cab driver racing through city streets, or even someone handling your food. These are all jobs that can cause serious harm to people in the general public if not done properly.

The fact remains that alcohol is a huge part of our society. When’s the last time you went to a wedding, a New Year’s party, graduation, or an office party where alcohol was not in large supply? So why can some of us seem to tolerate drinking just at “appropriate” times and others do not seem to know when to quit?

Alcohol is a depressant. This doesn’t mean it makes you emotionally depressed, it means it depresses your senses. All of your senses are impaired, especially your sense of pain. I would say it numbs mental and emotional pain as well, although some times it definitely exacerbates these, and if they try to quit, they go through a painful and sometimes deadly alcohol withdrawal. For the alcoholic, facing their day to day lives without numbing themselves proves to be a challenge they cannot rise to. They would rather continue living in a numb state where they forget their problems, but the truth is the high never lasts and the problems are worse when they sober up. If you know someone who is suffering from alcoholism do everything you can to get them help, because the chances of them handling the problem on their own are slim to none.