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Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms occur when prolonged cocaine use is discontinued or reduced. Symptoms may vary depending on the level of dependence. While many people start using cocaine for the intense feelings of euphoria and energy that it seems to generate, others use it to keep their focus while they are getting drunk. Cocaine in any of its forms is a very powerful brain stimulant that creates these feelings by causing the release of excessive amounts of chemicals like serotonin and dopamine into the brain. While the person continues to satisfy his addiction he may feel fine, it is only when he makes the decision to stop that he will have to cope with the cocaine withdrawal symptoms, which can at times be quite unpleasant. Cocaine can be ground into a powder and it can be ingested by snorting it. It can also be boiled with baking soda and water. This causes a chemical reaction which causes the cocaine to be in its purest form. It turns into a sort of rock and then it can be smoked in a small glass or metal pipe. It can also be made into a liquid and injected through a syringe.

The most addictive and most powerful form of this is smoked. This is referred to as crack. It has desecrated communities across the country, and caused irreparable damage to families.

When cocaine first became popular in the 80’s, it was viewed as a designer drug for the rich playboys and movie stars. Many people did not realize how bad it was for them. It was pretty expensive so it was hard for many people to afford to do it enough to get addicted. Then crack exploded around the country and popped up in every low income part of every city and America had an epidemic on its hands. Crime rates went up and children began to suffer because of the erratic behavior of their parents.

Because of the brevity of the high that crack cocaine creates, and the intense crash, people were committing all kinds of crimes and neglecting their responsibilities. Addicts would become so desperate for the next high that they would be willing to do anything in order to get more crack. Not only did this affect communities because of the lack of productive citizens, but it created an opportunity for gangs and criminals to make large profits from the sale of crack to the addicts in their areas.

The problem that cocaine has created is due to the extreme cocaine withdrawal a person will go through when they stop doing the drug. They will go from extreme ecstasy to extreme depression in a matter of minutes and will crave the good feeling.