Withdrawal From Drugs – Alcohol Treatment

Drug Withdrawal

Drug and alcohol abuse is a huge problem we are facing in society. Not just in America, but all over the world the statistics are worsening. The demand is getting greater and the suppliers have the answer. People are faced with choosing between buying more drugs or going through a terrible drug withdrawal. Everyone has been taught about the negative aspects of using drugs most likely since they were in elementary school. Who knows exactly how many of our tax dollars have gone to funding the “War on Drugs”? We have countless groups and organizations dedicated to fighting drug abuse and addiction. So why are the numbers steadily rising?
This rise in drug use and abuse could be attributed to society’s seemingly more accepting attitude towards getting high or drunk. More and more celebrities are unashamedly partaking in binge drinking and drug abuse in places visible to the public. These are antics normally associated with rock stars or bad boy actors, but recently it has been the teenie boppers and idols that the youth of America look up to.

America seems to have a growing interest in drug and alcohol addiction. We have seen the recent explosion of popular reality TV shows such as Intervention, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House and many others. This is most likely due to the fact that more and more people these days have someone they care about that is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

The odds seem to be against us when it comes to defeating this epidemic facing our society. The statistics are disheartening and the stories in the news about celebrities overdosing and relapsing seem to be non stop. With all of this bad publicity drug and alcohol abuse is getting, one would think that it would send a message to people not to even play around with these types of things.

On the other hand we have pharmaceutical companies and doctors flooding our society with highly powerful stimulants, sleep aids, anxiety medications, pain killers and muscle relaxants. We have a bigger problem with prescription drugs than we do with illegally manufactured narcotics. How are all of these drugs getting out there? Is somebody robbing the drug manufacturing warehouses? Could it be that the doctors know what they are doing when they over prescribe these highly addictive substances to the public? Once again the law of supply and demand comes to mind.

The distribution of pharmaceutical drugs is a multi billion dollar industry. These drugs are so addictive that the user is forced to go through a painful and sometimes deadly drug withdrawal if they try to quit. This makes the user in effect a slave to the drug supplier. Before they can function at their job, take care of their family, or take care of any of their responsibilities, they must have their drug.