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Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana withdrawal is something that is not taken as seriously as it should be. Although it is not proven to be physically addictive, marijuana, if used often enough, can definitely create a dependency in a user. Some users may smoke every day and began to feel like they need it to go to sleep. Very heavy users can even smoke all day long every day, and began to feel like they don’t want to do anything if they are not high. Marijuana is a very social drug. Because it is not dangerous enough to overdose on and depending on the potency, can have a mild effect on the user, it is more socially acceptable than any other drug. It is very common for a user to start experimenting with marijuana before trying any other drug. Many junior high students will report being around the drug or trying it with their friends or at a party. The problem with this is that once they have crossed over to doing drugs it may be just a matter of time before they experiment with harder drugs.

Marijuana can cause a sense of paranoia and a sort of nervousness. It can cause a person to zone out and not really have an idea of what is going on. These symptoms seem to fade with prolonged use, and the person will feel a need to smoke just to feel normal. It can cause intense cravings for food and cause sleepiness. If the person is used to functioning like this, they may feel anxious and irritable when trying to eat or sleep, and will most likely try to find more of the drug.

Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug on the black market today. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of medical marijuana distributors. These are generally referred to as coffee shops. They are especially prevalent in more liberal West Coast states such as California and Colorado. A person will be required to obtain a medical marijuana card from a doctor before they can buy from one of these coffee shops. Many people will tell the doctor that they have trouble sleeping, or have back pain and they will receive a card. It’s that simple.

Because marijuana is so common and easily available, it is very important to inform and monitor your children when it comes to marijuana use. Many people view marijuana as harmless, but ask any drug addict you know how they got started, and they more than likely they will tell you they started with marijuana. After using for so long and functioning while high, the person can go through marijuana withdrawal if they try to quit.