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Methamphetamine Withdrawal Treatment

Methamphetamine is a highly powerful stimulant that gives energy and a sense of euphoria to its users. People can stay up for days and even weeks while using it and experience withdrawal from methamphetamine if they try to quit. One of its affects is that it tells the user that everything is ok causing them to not take care of the basic needs they have or handle the simplest daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, eating or drinking. After being up for days, not sleeping, eating or drinking right, the person will go into a sort of psychotic state which can cause their behavior to become stranger and stranger. After the user has ran out of the drug, or stopped for whatever reason, the terrifying reality sets in. They will be hungry, tired, paranoid, in pain and horribly depressed. Their options are to go through this mental anguish, which is most likely accompanied by the realization of the most recent bad decisions they have made, or to get more of the drug and get back to feeling energetic, optimistic and powerful. This is especially true for blue collar workers who use the drug not necessarily for recreational purposes, but so that they can work longer hours and not have to sleep, take as many breaks or even eat.

Methamphetamine is so cheap that twenty dollars worth can keep a user high for up to twenty four hours. When a user is looking at buying food, missing out on work hours because of fatigue, or paying for anything else that might be a necessity; everything takes a back seat to meth. For the amount they have to pay and what they believe they can accomplish while high, it is almost impossible for them to consider doing anything before they get high. It has been proven that just the knowledge that drugs are about to be acquired causes the release of dopamine in the addict’s brain. This means they feel good just knowing they are buying drugs or setting up a deal.

After a user has been on a binge, which is referred to as being spun out, for days or weeks, they will crash and sleep for one or even two days straight. Then the methamphetamine withdrawal treatment symptoms will set in. Their body has been so drained and abused that they will sleep through almost anything. After they do wake up, their body is still tired and their serotonin levels are low. This means they are still going to be depressed and unmotivated, but they know that all they have to do to fix that is buy more methamphetamine. This has become a huge problem in our country, especially in working class areas, because the user will do almost anything to get the drug, and will stop at nothing to get the feeling of power and control they get from using methamphetamine. Meth withdrawal treatment can help any user in recovery from this drug.


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