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Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiate withdrawal symptoms occur when someone who has become physically addicted to an opiate such as opium, morphine, codeine, pethidine, methadone, and heroin. Most of these drugs have been invented by scientist to deal with the withdrawal of the last one. The problem with this is that the addict will just become addicted and dependant on another drug to get over the last one. The only difference is that they will have a prescription for the drug they are now addicted to and their insurance or even Medicare will pay for it.

When a person is withdrawing from an opiate they will be extremely uncomfortable and sick. They will be depressed and not motivated to do anything that they need to do in their daily lives such as go to school, go to their job, or take care of their kids. They have become so dependant on the drug that doing anything while not high literally becomes an impossible task due to their physical state if they do not get the drug they are addicted to first.

Opiates are one of, if not the most common drug abused by drug addicts in the world. Five countries in Europe now give out heroin to people addicted to opiates. Two years ago they realized they did not have enough opium and began contracting out suppliers in Afghanistan. Canada has clinics where heroin addicts can bring their drugs in and the clinic will provide sterile needles and a sterile environment and even administer the drugs for them. They also have medical equipment and supplies in case someone overdoses. They provide all of this and the drug addict can avoid prosecution.

The fact remains that the sale of drugs, whether distributed legally through prescriptions, or sold on the black market, is an extremely profitable enterprise. Doctors get kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies for selling their drugs, and these corporate titans make campaign donations to politicians who will protect their interests. It seems that it is more profitable to keep people addicted to drugs than to try and help them quit.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be so intense that a person would rather go on living as a slave to a drug than to go through a period of withdrawal symptoms. This is the main reason that people continue to get high even when their lives seem to be being destroyed. Many people have experienced the struggle with a family member or a loved one and they cannot understand why the addict would chose to keep going down a path of destruction for such a temporary high. The truth is that the addict needs intense help and someone who has the determination to not give up on them.