Withdrawal From Drugs – Alcohol Treatment

Symptoms Alcohol Withdrawal

When experiencing symptoms alcohol withdrawal can have on a person, you can feel horrible. If someone is shaky and can’t seem to hold their hands or even their head straight, they may be addicted to alcohol and are going through these conditions because they have quit drinking and their body is craving more alcohol. They may also be irritated and irrational. They may have extreme changes in emotions and even hallucinate. If you notice someone, or even experience these symptoms yourself if you try to stop drinking, you may be addicted to alcohol.

It is easy enough to start drinking just for social occasions or celebrations. Some people feel so good, or have such fond memories of the occasions where they were drunk, that they always want to feel that way. Some people just can’t control the urge to live every night like it is their last. Maybe they just can’t seem to get enough satisfaction from their day to day lives and they need that rush of being drunk and not caring about any of their problems or holding back concerning the way they act.

When people get drunk, they lose their inhibitions, which mean they lose self restraint. In effect it turns them into an animal that will follow any impulse without using reason or judgment. Imagine seeing a woman you thought was attractive, and going right up to her and saying something inappropriate or groping her. I think we have all witnessed this exact instance while at a party or a bar. Imagine seeing a guy you thought you didn’t like for whatever reason, and going right up to him and punching him in the face with no thought of the future or consequences.

Alcoholics will most likely have an extensive misdemeanor rap sheet. They will have numerous drunk in public convictions. They may have some for assault. They may have the worst of these convictions, which is a driving while intoxicated conviction. One would think that after having all of these convictions someone would want to change their ways and take the necessary steps to keep themselves from repeating these mistakes. The problem is that just the thought of drinking is too much for the alcoholic to deal with.

Alcohol is so prevalent and easily available in our culture that almost anywhere someone goes they can be tempted into drinking. If they are struggling with thoughts of wanting to drink again, they can be walking down the street and pass a bar and the draw will be too much for them. Every time they are at the grocery store they can walk by the beer and wine aisle and be tempted to buy some alcohol. With these symptoms alcohol withdrawal can play a major role.