Withdrawal From Drugs – Alcohol Treatment

Withdrawal Alcohol

Alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most serious issues facing our country and the World today. Everyone has been taught about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. We are all aware of the existence and the purpose of organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and various rehab centers to help people withdrawal alcohol. So why are we so ill educated on the chemical reactions that come from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol and how withdrawal affects the body? When a person consumes drugs or alcohol and becomes intoxicated, many different things happen to their bodies and their brain. If they are taking a painkiller, their pain receptors get numbed and in many people this causes a feeling of euphoria. If they are taking a stimulant, such as methamphetamine or cocaine, they feel a surge of energy and a sense of optimism.

Because these drugs and toxins are providing these services for the body, these functions will stop taking place naturally. For people addicted to painkillers, when they quit they will feel intense pain and become sick. For people addicted to stimulants, they will be exhausted and depressed if they stop using the drug.

When people consume alcohol, their senses are depressed. Their body is numbed out and they are not as sensitive to noises, lights or life in general. When they quit this drug, everything intensifies in a bad way. This is why people with hangovers will wear sunglasses, feel sick and want to keep to themselves.  

All of these foreign toxic substances take their toll on the body. Some of the drugs bought on the street are made differently and it’s anybodies guess what’s in today’s bag. This, accompanied by not eating right, sleep depravation, and not drinking enough fluids, can cause serious damage to an addict’s body, especially over prolonged periods of time. The problem is that they are not in their right state of mind because of the mind altering substances they have been consuming and do not respond to the need to take care of their bodies.

Holistic rehab centers have proven to be the best option for people desiring to completely stop putting drugs into their bodies and withdrawal alcohol. These rehabs work to restore the addict’s body to its optimum physical state naturally. An addict’s body will be deprived of many essential vitamins and nutrients. It is best to try and restore these deficiencies as soon as possible under the care of professionals. An addict needs to be in the care of people who understand how withdrawal affects the body. By taking certain steps and understanding what is going on with the addict’s brain and body, you can help them to get through their symptoms with minimum discomfort, thus making them less likely to want to relapse.