5 Ways to Help a Friend Recover from Addiction

recoverySocial media has become the new window into people’s lives. We can access our Facebook page, and immediately find out what is happening in the daily lives of family, friends and acquaintances; often replete with photos and the minutiae of daily tasks and events of life.

At the same time, we are a culture awash with drugs and substance abuse, and social media seems to be coming-of-age as a tool which may be helping addicts in their efforts to get and stay sober.

The Facebook Scene

There is not a nation on earth today that escapes the consequences of drug and alcohol use and abuse. The United States is facing an unprecedented escalation in heroin abuse, and in some states it is epidemic. At the same time that drug use increases in the cultures across the world, so does the use of social media. And it may be that social media can provide a support system for addicts struggling to give-up substance abuse, as well as giving the outsider a look into what substance abuse has cost those who have experienced its consequences.

According to Richard Foster of the Pennsylvania-based Gateway Rehabilitation Center, addicts who are actively using are not talking to friends and family—neither are they posting their struggles with addiction on social media. He adds that the recovering addict only begins turning back to family and friend and using social media when in a stage of addiction recovery—and when proud to share it.

Facebook can act as a support system which helps the recovering addict once again connect-up to relationships they had prior to their addiction. It can be a venue and a forum which helps others gain a better understanding of how difficult it can be to overcome addiction; and how tenuous recovery can sometimes be.

Facebook can also be a way for an individual struggling with substance abuse to reach out for help and support from others, including Facebook friends and support groups which can be found on the social media site. A quick search of “addiction” on Facebook shows-up a myriad of choices; and a more detailed search will help a recovering addict find a group which he or she personally finds most supportive and helpful.

Let’s take a look at how one could harness the power of social media and the information highway of the internet to help a friend or loved one recover from addiction.

5 Ways to Help a Friend

The internet provides instant access to voluminous amounts of information, and with some basic search skills, a person can find out nearly anything they want to know. This tool can be used to help the person who is seeking to overcome addiction, and live a sober life.

The following are some tips on how you can harness the power of the internet and social media to help someone recover from addiction.

Learn the Facts about Drugs and Alcohol

Search the internet for the truth about drugs and alcohol—and what these do to the body and the mind. Learn about the drug or drugs your friend is addicted to.

Learn the Facts about Addiction

Use the internet to learn the facts about addiction and the addiction lifestyle. There are various schools of thought on what causes addiction and how to treat it. Use your judgment to evaluate the information. It will give you a better understanding and reality on what your friend is facing in his or her attempt to get sober.

Learn about Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

There are numerous methods of drug rehabilitation treatment programs currently in use. Do your research, and find out which ones actually produce the result of long-term sobriety. Programs that do no harm, such as faith-based, programs, programs that do not use drug-substitution, and programs that take a holistic approach are recommended.

Learn about Drug Intervention

Drug intervention is basically an organized effort or attempt by an individual or a number of individuals – usually family and friends – to get a friend or loved one to seek professional help with their addiction. Find out about it. There are professional drug interventionists. You may want to contact some of them, and find out more about what they do—and how they do it.

Use your Knowledge

Now that you have used the internet and its resources—including social media—to learn about drugs and alcohol, addiction, what rehabilitation treatment programs are available, and what to do if you need a drug interventionist; it is time to talk with your friend, and let them know you are ready to help them make an informed choice as to what to do—and where to go—to get help.

If you need help finding information, or help deciding on a workable treatment program for your friend, please call Narconon Arrowhead today. With more than 20 years of evidence of recovery, the Narconon program can give your friend will have the very best chance of making it.

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