The Total Cost of Addiction Treatment

addictionWhen someone has a drug or alcohol addiction, not only is it important to find a facility that is suited to the person needing the treatment, but also to find a program that is within the budget of whoever is funding the treatment. With the varied treatment options available today comes a wide range of range of costs, going from low or no-cost, to the very expensive indeed. But whatever the cost, each person who battles addiction needs to procure a treatment program and facility that is designed to cater to his or her individual needs.

The most costly in-patient drug and alcohol recovery facilities are specifically designed for people who are in need of all the luxuries of life and the privacy to go with it. People like celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and the uber-wealthy are used to a certain lifestyle, and these rehab facilities are able to provide effective programs in the type of setting they’re accustomed to.

Drug Rehab Amenities

Exclusive accommodations, gourmet fare, and luxurious linens are just some of the amenities that someone can experience at such a treatment facility. And the stay in one of these premium locales can be completely customized to suit every desire of the person fighting drug addiction. Families and children can room with the resident patient, personal and domestic staff can be brought in, office and business rooms can be made available so work can continue. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of successful treatment, nothing is off limits to those who can pay.

But make no mistake, just because the cost can run tens of thousands of dollars a month, it doesn’t mean that the actual clinical treatment in a luxury facility is better than other, less expensive options.

Cost of Addiction Treatment

The median-range facilities are what one would consider the “standard” in recovery centers. These provide the resident patient with the proper accommodations and a professional and highly-trained medical staff to get the person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction successfully through the program. The treatment options in standard rehab centers are just as effective as those in luxury facilities, just without all the extras in terms of the amenities.

The costs to receive treatment from a program of this caliber can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 or $30,000 a month. It can provide in-patient or out-patient care. When one is a resident patient, they will be provided with a safe and clean room with a bed, television and bathroom, with usually a communal dining room. Sharing a room can bring the cost down in many cases. There are special circumstances where the patient can pay more in some cases to have access to an office space, masseuse, or have their children with them part or all of the time. It just depends on the recovery center and what they offer.

But if you or your loved one is in need of drug or alcohol addiction treatment and do not have the funds to pay $10,000 to $30,000 a month, never fear. There are very low or no-cost centers in every major city of the country as well as other options to pay for treatment like insurance or healthcare funding.

You can contact the local health and social services departments in your local area and inquire about what they have to offer. Many of these facilities will accept insurance. And though insurance may not pay for all the costs, it can cover basic drug and alcohol withdrawal monitoring and counseling which can lower the out-of-pocket costs tremendously. Many patients with lower incomes opt to receive treatment as an outpatient which will eliminate the costs of accommodations all together. Finding the right facility is just a phone call away.

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